Photo of the Week – September 15th

I’ve been remiss in posting photos for the past couple of weeks so I’ll make up for it today with three, count them three, photos.

What:  Chandelier (all 3 photos)

Book Pages Chandelier

Book Pages Chandelier

Where:  la Boutique des Boudreaux in Morrison

Price:  Sorry but I didn’t check.

When I look at this light fixture I smile. It is definitely feminine with a touch of whimsy.

I can see this hung in several places. A bedroom (boudoir) that has a cottage or French feel. It could also be used in a dining or living room with a similar feel.

I think this could easily be replicated &/or the papers could be changed out based on your interests. Sheet music for a musician to be used in their music room, recipes for the kitchen, menus from your favorite restaurants for the dining room, maps for the world traveler, well – you get the idea.

This chandelier is also feminine yet less whimsical than the first. It feels more subtle in

Ball Crystal Chandelier

Ball Crystal Chandelier

its approach overall with it’s classic styling. It can be used more widely in various styles – traditional, transitional, glamour, cottage, eclectic.

To me, it is like a pair of diamond stud earrings because it can go anywhere without screaming for attention yet it is strong enough in style that it can stand on its own.

How fun would this be to place in an unexpected room like the bathroom or a simple hallway. What if you hung it in the kitchen? Clearly you’d want more task lighting in there but this could be really lovely in a corner.


The final chandelier takes a traditional chandelier and makes it fun by placing it in a birdcage. (There’s a joke, a poem or a children’s song in there somewhere.)

Bird Cage Chandelier

Bird Cage Chandelier

Again, this is a whimsical piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously and still does a good job of putting off light.

Where do you see it being placed?

Do any of these fit your style? Check back in the coming weeks for more photos.




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Photo of the Week – August 25th

What:  Stools

Industrial Style Stool

Industrial Style Stool

Where:  Rare-Finds Warehouse

Price: $200

I have recently discovered a warehouse store that carries furniture and accessories in a wide variety of styles. Their pieces range from French Industrial to quarter sawn oak antique pieces from 1900, to world market pieces straight from India.

These stools twist up and down to change the seat height making them excellent for either a table, desk or counter top height. They sell them in both a wooden seat and a leather seat.

I can see these being used in a variety of styles and places. I’m actually using them in a client’s house for her kitchen that will sit on the living room side of the counter. The overall style of the house is French Industrial and these stools could be used in a bedroom as well at a desk or vanity. (They’d be great clothes catchers as well. Not that I know anything about not hanging up my clothes at night.)

Can you see this being used in your house?

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Photo of the week – August 18th

I was looking for tile for a client this week and discovered these really cool tiles. I’ve seen them at both Capco and Floor & Decor, so there is a price point to fit different pocket books. (Pocket book – I don’t think I’ve heard that since my grandma used to say it.) The tiles in these pictures are $12.99 square foot to $15.99 square foot at Floor & Decor.

square wood tiles 3x6 Wood Tiles Vertical wider wood tile Horizontal Wood Tiles

I wouldn’t use them where they stand the risk of getting wet a lot or where grease is an issue, but I do think that a basement wet bar would be a great place for them. Or, in a craft room behind a counter…oh! What about an entire wall of it as an accent?

I like the element of warmth that they add in an unexpected way to an area – large or small.

They lend themselves to the industrial style that is popular right now. That unfinished, reclaimed look in wood that is mixed with metal and exposed elements in lighting. You’ve seen it. Think West Elm or Restoration Hardware.

Not really for you? Check back next week and see if that photo is more your style.

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Photo of the Week – August 4th

What:  Chair

Grey Chair from  At Home

Grey Chair from At Home

Where:  At Home

Price: $130

This chair has a sense of simple sophistication that transitions between feminine and masculine decor.

It crosses over into several design styles, which is part of its appeal to me. Traditional – nail heads, legs and the arched back; Transitional – clean lines mixed with traditional elements;  Eclectic – mix it with the current on trend colors of yellow, radiant orchid or any other bright color and this grey really sets them off and grounds them at the same time; Glamour – set it next to a mirrored chest or table and watch the nail heads gleam in response. You can’t go wrong with this chair!

I can see this lovely chair in many rooms. In the dining room or kitchen it could be used at the table. In the living room I can picture it next to a side table as part of a grouping. Place it in the office as a side chair to pull up to the desk. Or, it would be perfect in the bedroom as a decorative piece that holds your clothes nicely before you finally decide to hang them up you can sit on when putting on your shoes.

What do you think? Fit your style? Check back next week and see if the next photo does.


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Dining Table Sale at Djuna

I received this email today from Djuna and thought I’d pass it along. They are a great source for fine furnishings without paying a fine price.

Visit Djuna during the month of August to receive
up to 60% off floor model dining tables and chairs as well as 30% off custom dining orders!
This unique round table was designed to expand in sections increasing in diameter from 54″-70″.  A truly stunning design.
Classic farm table with hand crafted details.
Lovely set of six antique
country French dining chairs.
Sleek, contemporary dark wood dining table with leaves and custom upholstered dining chairs.
All tables and chairs sold separately.

Djuna | 899 N. Broadway | Denver, CO 80203 | | 303.355.3500
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OatmealI found an oatmeal recipe on Pinterest a couple of weeks ago, and decided to try it because I happen to have a five pound bag of oatmeal that I needed to use up.  I know, I live in 700 square feet and I have a five pound bag of oatmeal.  Clearly I should not be buying things in large quantities because I just don’t have the space for it.  I blame it on the Coastco Coma.  I’m not sure what happens to my brain when I go in there.  Suddenly everything looks like something I need and for such a good price.

Anyway, I tried this recipe and really enjoy it.  Within two weeks I’ve gotten through a third of the bag.  Yay!  I tweaked the original recipe a bit to meet my dietary needs so feel free to adjust for your needs as well.

1     Very Ripe Banana – roughly chopped
½ tsp Coconut Oil
½ tsp  Nutmeg
½ tsp  Cardamom
1   tsp   Cinnamon
Pinch of Salt
1   T      Flax Seeds
1   T      Nut Butter (I use almond butter but you could use peanut butter.)
1/3 C    Oats (Mine are Toasted Oats but the original recipe called for Rolled Oats.)
2   C      Almond Milk
Stevia to taste (The original recipe called for ½ tsp of maple syrup but can’t have any form of sugar so I’m already cheating with the banana.)

Melt the Coconut oil in a medium sauce pan and add the banana.  Stir the banana so it doesn’t stick to the bottom or burn.  By caramelizing it this way you’ll release more of the flavor into the oatmeal.  This takes about 5 minutes.

Add the nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, salt, flax seeds, nut butter & oats.  Stir them all together and the nut butter will melt a little bit.  Add the milk and stevia, stirring constantly, as it comes to a boil.   Let it boil for 5 minutes or until it gets to the consistency you like.  I don’t like soupy oatmeal so I tend to boil it for closer to 6 minutes.  Remove from heat for a minute before you put it in your bowl.  I like to add a dollop of nut butter and a sprinkle of the spices to the top.

You can play around with the spices and other ingredients to make it more your own.  I like these spices but I’m sure I’ll continue to play with it over time.  Right now this feels like an edible, warm sweater made for dark and cold winter mornings.

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The Bag of My Dreams

Photo from  The 2unfold Bag

Photo from The 2unfold Bag

I haven’t posted anything here for quite a while.  Been too busy, writing isn’t my first love (or my 10th for that matter), nothing really demanded I take the time to post, I’ve gotten out of the habit, well, I think you get the picture.  Then my friend Leonardo posted a link to this amazing shop in the UK.  I got really excited and wanted to share it via a blog and not just Facebook or Pinterest.

Check out hard graft.  No, do it now.  Don’t finish reading, just click.  Notice the attention to detail.  Notice the quality materials used and wonderful workmanship.  In a world of throw away goods, of IKEA and H&M (which both have their places), notice the delicious luxury of just plain quality.

This is the piece that I’ve fallen in love with.  The piece I must have.  The piece that I’ll compare all bags to in the future.  I even currently own a fantastic bag that I love, and on which I receive compliments on an almost daily basis.  But look at this bag!  My word it’s beautiful and inventive.  Mine doesn’t have those pockets, and it doesn’t fold like that or strap to my back if I want, or have felt. (sigh)

My bag is great and I’m not getting rid of it anytime soon, but if I could it would be for this one.

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How To Find Your Cell Phone When It’s On Silent

I’m stealing this post word-for-word from because I think it’s great.  Is it plagiarism if I tell you up front I didn’t write it? (That’s a fascinating site that you should check out if you haven’t already.  Really.  Go now.  Well, after you’ve read what they wrote here on my blog first, of course.)
In last week’s post, we recommended that you keep your phone’s ringer volume on the highest setting, so if it’s ever lost nearby, you can give your number a call and follow the sound. But if your phone was set to “silent” when you misplaced it at home, there’s still an easy way for you to track down your cell. Just blast some music — really!

You know that annoying interference you hear through your car or computer speakers right before your phone rings? Yeah, it goes a little something like “blip, ba da blip, ba da blip, ba da… bzzzzzzz”? Basically, you’re listening to the cell phone tower communicating to your cell phone — the wires to your speakers act like antennae and pick up the transmission. It’s annoying when you’re trying to enjoy music at your desk, but you can use that interference to track down a silent cell phone in your house.

If you know your phone is in your house or another enclosed area, get an old boombox (do you still have one of those?), a set of speakers with long cords or a music player with headphones. Walk around the house with the music on after calling the phone (If you’re alone, try a website like

It won’t ring on silent, of course, but the speakers may pick up interference as you move around the house and give you an audio trail to follow. As you get closer to your phone, you’ll begin to hear more and louder interference. It’s like a high-tech game of Hot and Cold.

Finally!  A use for the old boom box that’s sitting in my storage unit.  I knew I’d find something to do with it eventually.  Again, check out for yourself.  Great ideas, discussions, photos, articles, etc.  You can also like them on Facebook and they’ll send you daily links to interesting posts.

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I’m in love! (& a little jealous)


Paper Flowers photo by Amy Clifford

I subscribe to a site called,  About once a week they send me an email with fascinating stuff from the web in categories I told them interested me.  Today they sent me a site called  Horrible, horrible people!  I think I’ve already wasted two hours looking through it, trying some crafts and Pinning others.

So why am I jealous?  I wish I could get paid to surf the web looking for great craft ideas.

PS – Amy’s picture of my paper flowers might actually make another post some time in the future.  I made them but didn’t think to take pictures of the process to show people how to do it.  Maybe I’ll post other photos of the party where they were used.

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An Easy Fire Relief Fund Raiser

With all the forest fires occurring across the front range, there are a lot of families who have lost everything and could use our help.  Savory Spice Shop, a shop that was started near my house a few years ago and now has several locations across the state, is hosting a fund raiser to benefit the Red Cross of Colorado on July 7th & 8th.  100% of their sales those two days will go to the Red Cross for Colorado Fire Relief.

Check out this link for more info:

Come on!  You know your spices are too old.  Stop by, get fresh spices and help people.  Maybe I’ll see you there?

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