Denver County Fair

Having grown up in Salina, KS where the Tri-Rivers Fair and Rodeo happens every August, I was surprised to learn that Denver has never had a county fair.  Well, that’s all about to change this year.  The Denver County Fair will take place July 28 – 31 at the National Western Complex.  Go to to learn more.

Looks like a lot of fun for both kids and adults.  There will be a typical petting zoo, funnel cakes and a Fine Art Pavilion just to name a few.   I wonder if they’ll have rabbits in cages?  I always loved petting rabbits through the cage wires where little tuffs of fur would poke out.  I also remember bringing home a free kitten from the fair one year.  I can guarantee that won’t happen.

Check out the website to see if there’s a category you want to enter to show off your best.  I won a couple of blue ribbons back in the day but I doubt I’ll be entering anything this year.  I’ll give those who don’t have my box full of ribbons a chance to collect some of their own.

Maybe I’ll see you there.  I’ll be standing near the funnel cake booth.

About redchairrox

I'm an interior designer living in Denver who has a wide range of interests. I have many resources for restaurants, classes, design, films, etc. that come across my path and I enjoy sharing them with people.
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