Photo of the Week – September 15th

I’ve been remiss in posting photos for the past couple of weeks so I’ll make up for it today with three, count them three, photos.

What:  Chandelier (all 3 photos)

Book Pages Chandelier

Book Pages Chandelier

Where:  la Boutique des Boudreaux in Morrison

Price:  Sorry but I didn’t check.

When I look at this light fixture I smile. It is definitely feminine with a touch of whimsy.

I can see this hung in several places. A bedroom (boudoir) that has a cottage or French feel. It could also be used in a dining or living room with a similar feel.

I think this could easily be replicated &/or the papers could be changed out based on your interests. Sheet music for a musician to be used in their music room, recipes for the kitchen, menus from your favorite restaurants for the dining room, maps for the world traveler, well – you get the idea.

This chandelier is also feminine yet less whimsical than the first. It feels more subtle in

Ball Crystal Chandelier

Ball Crystal Chandelier

its approach overall with it’s classic styling. It can be used more widely in various styles – traditional, transitional, glamour, cottage, eclectic.

To me, it is like a pair of diamond stud earrings because it can go anywhere without screaming for attention yet it is strong enough in style that it can stand on its own.

How fun would this be to place in an unexpected room like the bathroom or a simple hallway. What if you hung it in the kitchen? Clearly you’d want more task lighting in there but this could be really lovely in a corner.


The final chandelier takes a traditional chandelier and makes it fun by placing it in a birdcage. (There’s a joke, a poem or a children’s song in there somewhere.)

Bird Cage Chandelier

Bird Cage Chandelier

Again, this is a whimsical piece that doesn’t take itself too seriously and still does a good job of putting off light.

Where do you see it being placed?

Do any of these fit your style? Check back in the coming weeks for more photos.




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I'm an interior designer living in Denver who has a wide range of interests. I have many resources for restaurants, classes, design, films, etc. that come across my path and I enjoy sharing them with people.
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